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Discover God’s “Divine Design” for your success in life. First, partake in our 6-week coaching program to empower you for destiny and purpose. You have been created to succeed in every area of your life. Then, book your complimentary 15-minute consulting call with Coach Rose to introduce your Divine Design for Success.

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Working For Yourself

Book your FREE 15-minute Coaching Call with Coach Rose to gain insights on “Working For Yourself. Our entire 6-week system will cover five main areas to help you move from the employee mode to an entrepreneur mindset.

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Patent, Copyright & Trademark

Let us help to guide you in the fundamental understanding of patent, copyright, and trademark law. Protect all you create and ensure that you do not infringe upon another person’s rights or intellectual property. Book your FREE 15-minute consulting call now.

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I called on Coach Rose in the early 90s when I was considering starting my own business. She was instrumental in helping me believe in me and develop my pharmacy tech services. It has been 20 years, and my business has grown tremendously and continues to grow. Thank you, Rose.

-D. Combo

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