Rose White

Certified Confidence Coach

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Success Confidence came into existence in 1980 after going through life feeling defeated and feeling an inability to succeed in life due to the many negative words spoken both in and over my life as a young child.

After meeting many men, and women, young and mature who had the same inner feelings, yet had no one they felt understood them, I began a life of encouraging others to be their best INDIVIDUAL person.

I started my first business in 1982 with no formal training or experience but I developed the confidence in knowing that the sky is the limit. Being consistent, I helped others to launch out and be themselves and have confidence that they too could accomplish great things in life.

What We Do
  • Consult with those who have a strong desire to do more in life.
  • Coach those who need the A to Z in how to get started in making dreams come true.
  • Complement you on your actions taken to move forward.

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